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Press & Quotes

"Shellen has been an incredible vocal teacher. Since attending my first lesson with her my confidence has increased exponentially and I have noticed a vast improvement in breath control and range. My voice and throat have gotten stronger and I can sing things I haven't been able to sing in years! She not only teaches you how to use your voice without putting any strain on your throat, but also how to blend your lower and upper registers with ease and precision."

Singer/Songwriter, "Single Girl, Married Girl"

"Shellen Lubin's work as a director and producer is outstanding. Hugely creative and experienced, her biggest strength is not that she does many things, but that she does so many things well. Her vocal coaching has deeply affected my work with singers, as I still use many of her techniques in my vocal direction. To have both the whirlwind of a creative artist and the clear headed-ness of a responsible business partner in one colleague is exceptionally conducive to having work conceived, developed and produced."

Vocal Director for Mikel Rouse and Pax Amicus Castle Theatre

"Shellen Lubin really made me understand the most important things I now get about my voice, and about acting and interpreting a role, a song, a monologue. Her care and commitment are unparalleled and I love working with her. Even when she's not around, I use her techniques and tools all the time. She is also a brilliant writer and director, and I love performing her work (particularly her song 'In Skin Only')."


“The great thing about lessons with Shellen Lubin was their multi- faceted nature. We covered vocal techniques, lyric scenarios, art, philosophy, aesthetics, etc. Every discipline was in the the service of finding my own ‘Voice’, of singing without strain and getting out of the way of my own mental adhesions and vocal preconceptions, like thinking that I had to sing loudly to hit a really high note! She taught me the importance of being connected emotionally to every note and word that I sang. Above all, there was always a palpable sense of discovery in each lesson that Shellen not only welcomed but actively sought to encourage. I would literally leave her place buzzing with excitement!”

Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Composer and Arranger

“Shellen has worked with me and I know several students she has worked with over the years. She can teach anyone how to improve their singing and bring fuller expression into their voice. She is good at getting people to relax and release but significantly Shellen can help you find your real voice. The voice that sometimes hides and is afraid to come out. She makes it safe for your real voice to speak or sing your mind and heart. She has been blessing people with this gift for about 30 years. No doctrine. Just you, Shellen and your real voice."

Educator, Lecturer, Founder and Head of the Feldenkrais Institute

“I cannot think of anyone whose walk through life embodies the definition of integrity in the way that Shellen Lubin's does. In the 25 years I have known her, she has served as director, voice teacher, acting coach, and career coach. She is a harbinger of truth, generosity, and unquantifiable insight, and my art continues to grow as a result of how easy she makes risk-taking seem. ”

Actor/Singer and Cabaret Performer

“I have enjoyed and still enjoy working with Shellen. She is a wonderful and gifted acting and singing coach. Her level of knowledge is endless, along with her richly artistic imagination, thus allowing her to access her student's needs with precision. As an actress, I'm versed with many techniques, and I had trained formally at NYU, R.A.D.A. and The Actor's Center. When I had met Shellen, I believe I was under the spell of "formalism"--I stuck vehemently to my techniques. However, through Shellen's coaching, I began the quest for a deeper acting, and I employed the techniques that were of value to me only, as an actress. All in all, I believe, the work I have done with Shellen took me from the student to the actress.”

Stage and Film Actor

“Shellen is an excellent voice teacher and acting coach. We primarily worked with voice work and expression. Her ability to create a safe space for play and creativity of expression along with her skills as a voice teacher and director are priceless. I miss studying with her very much and whenever I'm visiting NY I make sure to get some voice lessons and participate in one of her workshops.”

Singer and Feldenkrais Practitioner

"Crackling with street—smarts and full of wry advice for the loveworn, SHELLEN LUBIN’s songs have a warmth and vitality that show you a private, and special, corner of New York.”

Senior Editor of NEW YORK MAGAZINE

“SHELLEN LUBIN is a songwriter of incredible spirit and energy. Her songs have a special vibrancy. She writes from the heart.”

Author/Lyricist/Star of

“A talent who deserves to be seen . . . MS. LUBIN has a freshness . . . that is immediately transformed into a song that captures the perfect essence of that scene and those characters; it’s her own vision that is original She’s a virtually unknown (but very talented) composer/lyricist who has a penchant for self—analysis, a good ear for melodies, an incredible feel for harmony . .. . and a winning charm.”


“Shellen Lubin is a mensch for all seasons and an expert writer of songs. It's a bit startling why she hasn’t yet received the recognition she deserves.”


“SHELLEN LUBIN does absolutely beautiful work in a variety of musical styles, with real melodies, real words, and honest, insightful sentiments”

WBAI-FM Arts Magazine.

“Exciting . . . sensitive . . . wonderful!”


“SHELLEN LUBIN’s music is as diverse as it is delightful!”


“SHELLEN LUBIN——remember that name; she is immensely talented, fresh, and real!”


(amidst the many not worthy these days)-

Of the first, your words come to mind
and your teacher’s passion
an eloquence of lesson
a letting go of habit
a thought to pry assumption
and a smile just to keep some
a coffee and a catch-up
a windfall interaction
a life immersed in doing (and re-doing)
adhesional reduction (additional re-hinging)

Blonde and upper west side
two bright and joyous children
and a poetry that’s given

A Sound that springs from bare feet
and climbs up through the backbone
an opening of courage
a song washed pure and hand sewn

A Pen that traces circles
round time’s opaque concerns
a line that follows conflict
to life’s most clear returns

An Ancestry of Joni
and Laura’s cabaret
a slow and graceful turning
a spirit child at play

Re-thinking the new fag hag
and the old man plan
re-linking Cunningham
with a bold new Can-Can

A Friendship deep as oceans
floating each and every boat
flexible affections
and a monday morning quote

A Future full of presence
and a present with no name
a hunger for the real thing
just with no real time-frame

this poem began so freely
then rhyme fell into place
I hope your birthday dancing
was shining through your face

©2003 Mark Lambert