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Since 1998 I've been sending out these reflections first thing each week--one or more quotes plus my thoughts about the intersections and contradictions. They're archived here back to 2002, and a new one is posted every Monday morning. Dialogue is still welcome . . .

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Quote #1015 - #DivineDiscontent

17 Jan, 2022


"We’ve been in the mountain of war. We’ve been in the mountain of violence. We’ve been in the mountain of hatred long enough. It is necessary to move on now, but only by moving out of this mountain can we move to the promised land of justice and brotherhood and the Kingdom of God. It all boils down to the fact that we must never allow ourselves to become satisfied with unattained goals. We must always maintain a kind of divine discontent."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

We have been on war mountain,
but war has rarely come to the valley.
We have now seen battle in the valley for ourselves,
what it's like,
and, more, what it could be like
if war were to erupt for real
across this land.

Here we are, still in the time of the corona virus,
still in the time of the regressive backlash,
still in the time of the slow-rolling insurrection
in this land of hope and possibility
built on genocide and slavery,
this massive mess of contradictions.

Only by moving out of fear and hatred can we
truly manifest the vision of our founders--
not their actual vision, because they were limited, too,
but the theoretical vision to which they aspired.

The "other side" is not the enemy.
Fear and hatred are the enemies.
Yes, when others operate from fear and hatred
it feels smart, and simple, to make them the enemy,
but it is too simple, and far too dangerous.
Not smart at all.
That's what leads to nationalism, jingoism,
caste systems, ethnic cleansing,

We have to stand up for what is right--
work, march, struggle for what is right--
but we must stay vigilant that it is for the good of all,
that we care as much about their good as they do,
we just have clearer, longer vision of what is good for all,
and we will not stand for the subjugation of some
to their ostensible momentary benefit.

Like a parent.
Like a teacher.
Like a mentor.
Like a guide.

Yes, it is exhausting.
But it is the only way.

MLK was not generally revered during his lifetime;
MLK had Cassandra vision, and was unstoppable even in death.
Less stoppable in death.
Let us revere him for that.

Shellen Lubin
January 17, 2022

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