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Since 1998 I've been sending out these reflections first thing each week--one or more quotes plus my thoughts about the intersections and contradictions. They're archived here back to 2002, and a new one is posted every Monday morning. Dialogue is still welcome . . .

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Quote #1060 - #MistClears

05 Dec, 2022


"Just because your truth does not match someone else's truth does not make either of you wrong."
Vironika Tugaleva

"But I'm annoying you to no purpose with my arguments. A person whose house is only open on the west can't see the sun rise at dawn; it's only seen when the sun sets at dusk. If one tries to compare the color and appearance of the two, one will go on arguing forever..."
Saratchandra Chattopadhyay

"Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all."
Mandy Hale

I sat still for awhile,
and I saw something when the mist cleared
that I had never fully seen before.

If you see my truth as a sign of disrespect
(because it conflicts with your truth),
then nothing I can ever say
can ever have an effect that isn't negative.
Anything I say--voicing any other way of looking at things--
seems like defensiveness,
entrenched obstinacy,

So I didn't contradict anything.
I just took it all in.
Like I take in theatre, music, a novel.
Like I took in Stella Adler when I studied with her.
Completely immersed.
No analysis.
No contradiction.
Accepting fully their world, their memories,
their reality.

And then, yes, I get to go back to my world
and do with it what I will.
I may feel not completely seen or respected,
but I can take it.
If there's a good enough reason, I can take it.
I wouldn't do it for just anyone.
But for them, it was worth it.
It was so worth it.
Sharing, caring, laughing, loving
like we haven't had in years.
As long as I accepted their truth
and did not offer any other view.

Isn't that odd?
To get them to appreciate the positive in me--the positive between us--
I had to fully accept the predominantly negative force they see me as.

There were not many good quotes about this.
Two of those above I didn't like what came before and after.
I need to think on this some more,
write on this some more,
not just the discoveries about myself (and there definitely were some)
but the discoveries about the nature of disagreement, respect,
and trust.

More to come.

Shellen Lubin
December 5, 2022

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