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Since 1998 I've been sending out these reflections first thing each week--one or more quotes plus my thoughts about the intersections and contradictions. They're archived here back to 2002, and a new one is posted every Monday morning. Dialogue is still welcome . . .

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Quote #1075 - #ToBeDone

27 Mar, 2023


"Empathy does not equal agreement."
Chris Voss
(kidnapping negotiator)

"There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page ..."
Shannon L. Alder

"I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival."
Audre Lorde

Sometimes there's nothing
to be done.
they're not listening,
can't hear,
don't want to,
don't believe you.
you cannot stop the storm,
stem the tide,
change the path of the ocean liner
even though it hasn't quite yet hit the iceberg.

There will be times
despite all efforts
you will feel
completely misunderstood
completely unappreciated
completely wronged.

Sometimes love
isn't enough.

So what do you do?
When you've tried and tried
so many different ways
from so many different angles?
When you've done all you believe
you can
and there seems to be no hope,
no more to say,
no more to give,
nothing nothing
to be done?

Sometimes the greatest gift
you can give yourself
give the situation
give the world
is to keep trying,
keep naming, calling,
keep the struggle alive,
keep hope alive.

And sometimes the greatest gift
you can give yourself
give the situation
give the world
is to just

Shellen Lubin
March 27, 2023

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