What Love Is About

(Oblomov's Song)
words and music by Shellen Lubin

One leaps across stages
One no longer leaps
One sashays around the globe
One usually sleeps
Sometimes it makes you giggle
Sometimes it makes you sigh
Isnít that why
We need love?

One lives in the limelight
One lives on the side
One takes sweeping, graceful steps
One goes for the ride
Sometimes it makes you joyful
Sometimes it makes you cry
Isnít that why
We have love?

If I can learn from you
And you can learn from me
Better creatures we will be
If I adore you
And you adore me
A bigger, broader, more bountiful world
Will be the world weíll see

One needs reasons to stop sometimes
One needs reasons to go
Each needs the other much
It works just so
It can make you content and tranquil
Or it can make you shout
Isnít that
What love is about?
Isnít that what love is about?

© 2009 Bondrov Music
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