The Year of Hibernation

The Year of Hibernation
words and music by Shellen Lubin

Life lurch-left,
Into hibernation.

How did I get here?
Cut off from the world.
Behind a mask, beneath a blanket,
Like a baby curled?

Loss, loneliness,
The year of hibernation,

How did we get here,
Each in our little lair,
Gone--all we thought was real,
No way to get back there?

Fright, forbearance,
The year of hibernation.

What we believed in was what we created,
Too many sacrificed, too many subjugated,
And now ...

Against all theory
And each and every bone.
Perpetually weary,
Day after day alone.

Twice removed
From the devastation.
The year of hibernation.

Hearing voices in my head
Ancestral mothers from beyond the dead
"Things are gonna get easier

Shellen Lubin
December, 2020
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