The Women on the Wall Tag

The Women on the Wall - Tag
words and music by Shellen Lubin

And I believed they were
My competition
Out there in hordes and droves
My opposition
'Til the tenant list in my building got
A new addition
Elaine, the model, had me in for tea
And I found out she's dealing with
The same damn idiocy

The women on the wall are not like we see them there at all
They're frantic, tired, and nervous
As they're rushing to each call
Hair and make-up take them hours
And have to be re-touched constantly
And in between each take
They're getting yelled at, just like me
And then there's never time out
'Cause what is their rigid gauge?
The thing we all rue to be compared to
Themselves up on the wall
Their curse and our downfall
Themselves there on the page

1984 Bondrov Music
- Close Window -