Phantastical Witches

words and music by Shellen Lubin

How can I describe them, these magical ladies
Who’ve touched my life and saved my life in so many ways?
Phantastical witches, brilliant philosophers, struggling creators, my friends
Renaissance maidens, suffragette fighters, crazy characters, my friends

How can I tell you the facets and colors
I see in them to be in them much more than I can praise?
Dissenters and dreamers, seekers and strivers, determined survivors, my friends
Raving old gypsies, petulant children, these crazy characters, my friends

They share the hysterical laughter
And the stinging hurt
They share the romantic fantasies
And the lowdown dirt

How can I repay them, these magical ladies
Who’ve seen me through the worst of nights and shared the sweetest days?
I guess it’s to be there, just love them as they love this crazy character, their friend
Phantastical witches, determined survivors, deep rich women, my friends
These wonderful women, my friends

© 1982 Bondrov Music
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