Ocean Voyager

words and music by Shellen Lubin

I am an ocean voyager
The tide flows through my veins
When the moon is full I’m sea—borne
I cast anchor when it wanes
I need friends to share my dreams with
I need a home and a family
But I am an ocean voyager
I will always need the sea

I moved to an inland city
‘Cause I loved an inland city man
I was shoved and rushed and harried
No one cared for me there, no one can
I told him I was going crazy
He said, “If your love is real you’ll stay”
But I am an ocean voyager
And the ocean called me away

I ran to my seaside mirror
The waves reflect me clear
But the waters were dark and murky
And no answers would appear
If I dive in now I’m scared of drowning
Being sucked up by the undertow
The song that calls is the siren s song
But where else can a voyager go?

But if I can hold on to an outstretched hand
If I find someone not just to understand
But to need equally
The grounding land and the vagrant sea

Another Ocean Voyager
like me . . .

© 1980 & 2000 Bondrov Music
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