I Like

words and music by Shellen Lubin

I like your hair messed
I like your eyes grey
I like you late at night when your defenses are down
And you're spilling with things you need to say

I like your mind sharp
I like your guard weak
I like your tough questions and your long story answers
And the way you hear me deeply when I speak

I don't want a boyfriend
I didn't even when I was twelve
I want people who love with passion and reason
The freedom to soar, the courage to delve

I like your hands clutching mine
I like your smile askew
Off-center, unsure, and hungry for more
That's how I like you

I don't want to possess you
I just want a slice of your day
Those hours you're open, when the light's long faded
And all is shades of grey

But your eyes keep on changing
Mostly they're green or blue
Your hair and your words are blown into place
And I can't find you

1996 Bondrov Music
- Close Window -